Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thur 8/14 Cooking day

Ok so by the time I got home today the boys had already ate with moms and weren't hungry. BUT I had made spagettii and meatballs and garlic bread yesterday. Ok so it wasnt from scratch but it was made by my non the less LOL.

I did see a lot of receipes come into my inbox for grilling and with this perfect summer weather we have been having I think Im going to start doing that. Lots of chicken, and veggies etc. May have to move this to a Saturday postings cuz I would rather cook then lol. Need to work that out when Im not so tired.

Called WDW and got the rest of my ADR's I might have to do some rearanging to make it work with our tix or just make our 3day tix, park hopable. We shall see.

Off to bed, Grey's had me in total tears and drained. Thank god tmrw is Friday. Its been a long week. Im vowing to work out Saturday and Sunday. THinking about bypassing the Sunday for Friday but know I eat more on the weekends so a weekend workout is better.

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