Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday 5/12 Journal Jar #1

Told you I had a Jar LOL. Its nothing special but I have over 100+ question to go through. I know I said once a week I would do so I have enough for a 2 yr blog LOL. 

What things do you enjoy today, that you enjoyed doing as a child?

Well if I still played softball, that would be it. But since I dont, I guess I will have to say baking. I remember as a kid helping my mom with cookies, or licking the batter and I still do that today. Im not a cooker by any means I hate cooking. But there is just something about baking that I love. (probably the sampling after LOL) Its a way to be creative and try new things. I love hearing people tell me OMG that was so good. 

I would love to take a cake decorating class. Its not something I have a lot of patience for but I think would be fun to try. Thats whats so great about baking, you do some mixing/preparings, then put it to bake, then decorate. Inbetween all those steps there is always a break, great for people with no patience like me LOL. Plus at the end of all your hard work you get to taste it and see if it paid off or not.

Having those memories baking with my mom, making xmas cookies is a great memory and im so happy to be able to pass those on to my boys. (Yet they mostly just want to lick the beaters and decorate the cookies) Off to go finish off the brownies I just made LOL

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