Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday 5/11 Weigh in Day

Well today was the big day to start over. Diet, exersice the whole shabang. I had planned on getting up at 0530 to do an hour of the wii fit.. but sleep just sounded so much better! Trmw I will do it! I *WILL*! So I weighed myself this am and I was 186, after a coffee this am and a breakfast quesadilla from Del Taco. A mini peanut butter and cake batter w/reeces peanut butter cup yougurt. I hit the gym did 3 miles on the tread and worked my legs. I now weigh 185. Thats WITH clothes on.. I weigh myself naked (I know not the visual you need... me either LOL) so I probably am 184 LMAO or wishful thinking!

My overal goal is 140 but im breaking it up into smaller goals. 5lbs a month! I would like to reach 165 by the time we head to Disney so that all my shorts and bathing suit can fit again. I may have to do that Lemonade Diet for a week once a month to make sure I reach that goal.
My next goal is my bday/the marine corps ball. I would like to be 155 by then. Then by Mothers day of 2010 -140lbs.. GOAL! I know I can do it, I have gotten to 152 before. Then let myself get lazy. No more!

I hit the grocery store after the gym to get some stuff to make breakfast in the morning cuz buying is waiting money, time and calories. The stuff at Del Taco has MAD carbs/cals. So figure I can do it all for less! Got a salad for tmrw's lunch. Need to start thinking of making a menu for the week. So I dont go out and grab crap to eat.

I also thought of a new way to work out at lunch at least on Mondays' and Tuesday's. I will rent a movie from Albertson's since they have Redbox video things, I get a free code on Mon to use. Then I will walk on Tue. to return it. Its about 3.5miles there and back.

Today I also had to call and try and make ADR's (advanced dinning reservations) for our Disney trip but unfortunatly there computer system was down so after an hour on the phone with one of THE funniest CM's (cast members) I finally had to give up and go back to work... oh well I try again tmrw. Hoping they still have my picks.

Going to go watch Benjermin Buttons now, got it for Free at the Redbox dvd. I love technology! lol

(click on pic to have a better view of my fat @$$ LOL)

Goal for next week 184
along with to work out all week and watch what I eat!

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