Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wed 5/13 Clean House Day

So today I didnt have much time to do as much decluttering and straightinging as I wanted to do as tonight was LOST season finally. SO after the gym came home and quickly did the dishes. Well their clean, still need to put them away. That is what tmrw is for. I can spread the cleaning out I guess LOL.

I also cleaned up all the clothes in my room. I can now see my couch again and the clean hampers are empty again.... just in time for me to fill'um up again. I have about a good 2-3 loads of laundry to do again, along with put a lot of it away. Going to try and get that done tmrw so that on Friday its not so bad when E comes home.

Im hoping with baby steps I eventually will have a neat, clean, decluttered house. Or at least I keep telling myself that. This week I will work on straightining it all up, so that next week can start the decluttering process.

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