Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A San Francisco Treat

Ok so we are all packed and ready to go. All we need to do is throw in our last minute things (ok my straightener and E's Razor) and we are good to go! I finally found the camera charger so I have that getting all reved up. Suitcases are in the car. Snacks are in a box just need to throw them in the car when we get home tmrw. I even have drinks in the fridge and freezer to throw in the cooler when needed. I am counting down the hours till I get out of work and on to a nice relaxing get away. I need it.

I have planned a Giants game, Alcatraz, bike riding over the Golden gate bridge, going to the Exploritoriam musuem, of course hitting Lombard street, Chinatown, the Pier and Wharf area along with riding a cable car.

Im really looking forward to having a bowl of clam chowda in a sourdough bread bowl and looking at the bridge in amazement LOL. We are staying at the RITZY Holiday Inn LMAO but its right on the bay so we could walk to places if we wanted.

I actually packed gym clothes also as I will be getting up to do at least 30mins on the tread at the hotel. It will be my ticket to eat what I want.. hey its vacation!

Now to go relaxe and hit the rack early as I need to get to work early and finish up some last minute stuff then head out at noon! Going to stop at Old Navy to pick up new 4th of July tshirts for us (we like to be cheesy like that LOL)

Now to plan our route, and email my work some stuff that I need to print out since our printer here is crappy.

Cant wait to take lots of pics and leave my ♥ in Frisco!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Journal Jar Time

Since I havent done one in a while, I think its time. Im sitting at the pc, reading about Michael Jackson, boys are playing the wii, and hubby is still sleeping. I can get in a lil me time, before I have to start breakfast. Later we are going to the Wild Animal Park (great idea on those free passes) the boys love it there. Its not my favorite thing but its doing something and getting out of the house.

So as I was sitting at my desk, I looked up and saw on my shelf my journal jar, figuring I hadnt done one in a while I pulled it down, closed my eyes and pulled out a new questions.

What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?

Hmm, I havent had a horrible life in fact a pretty great one. I cant complain. Well I could but its all lil things really. I guess the only thing coming to mind is that my dad passed away. That what I remember is giving him cpr and the paramedics coming and telling us he was gone. I wasnt ready for him to die. I wasnt prepared, but I guess no one really is.

We had just found out a week before that he had cancer, we thought he would begin treatment and had hopes that he would beat it and there he was laying on the floor lifeless. Im crying thinking about it now.

I didnt get the chance to tell him one last time I loved him. The night before I went over after work and he was sleeping, he hadnt had a good nights sleep in a while and since it was only 6pm I let him sleep. My mom said go ahead and go in there, and I said no Ill let him sleep. I wish I could go back and just look at him, tell him I love him, and give him a hug and a kiss.

Love you dad, miss ya

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fix it Friday/Saturday now ... lol

trying my hand at fix it fridays... from I ♥Faces


My take

using picasa I cropped it, used a softener, black and white with focus on color just around those gorgous eyes and pink cheeks and lips.

Whatcha think?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pepper Up Your Camera

Just emailed hubby about these cute camera straps. Best of all iheartfaces is having a giveaway for them. Check it out.... my fav is the pink skull and crossbones.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I ♥ Faces

My great nephews blog, manned by his awesome mommy got me now hooked on this sight. I read the new theme for the week and knew I had a couple of pics to enter into it.

For the kids catagory, this is of my boys Phoenix and Jusitce exstatic to have daddy home from his 3rd Iraq Deployment. Phoenix was 8 and justice was 4 in 2006, and yes they walk all over their dad LOL.


The adult catagory is of hubby at the Tostito Bowl cheering on his Texas Longhorns in 2009.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Fathers Day/ E's Birthday gift 2009

Made this for E, still need to print it out, but its a lil something for Fathers day or his bday since they are only a day apart this year. This will be a substatute for a card, I guess.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

365 my @$$

So I didnt even make it a week. Not sure why I thought it would be so easy... things come up and I find other things to occupy my time. SO Im not going to go for 365... Im going to make this my place to do with it what I please, when I please.

I havent kept up with the gym, yet havent gained any so its a lose lose situation lol.

Here is what has been occuping my time this week. Im addicted to my new craft.. just what I need more crafts. The only thing that would make it better is if I had girls to share it with LOL. A 30yr old women in all kinds of hair thingys is just weird LOL (but its for WDW.. shhh dont tell the boys lol)

Here is my 1st 1..I have done 2 others but havent taken pics, and I have plans for at least 2-3 more! (ok maybe a few more LOL)

Going out tmrw with my girlies and boy do I need a night out!