Thursday, June 4, 2009

365 my @$$

So I didnt even make it a week. Not sure why I thought it would be so easy... things come up and I find other things to occupy my time. SO Im not going to go for 365... Im going to make this my place to do with it what I please, when I please.

I havent kept up with the gym, yet havent gained any so its a lose lose situation lol.

Here is what has been occuping my time this week. Im addicted to my new craft.. just what I need more crafts. The only thing that would make it better is if I had girls to share it with LOL. A 30yr old women in all kinds of hair thingys is just weird LOL (but its for WDW.. shhh dont tell the boys lol)

Here is my 1st 1..I have done 2 others but havent taken pics, and I have plans for at least 2-3 more! (ok maybe a few more LOL)

Going out tmrw with my girlies and boy do I need a night out!

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