Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A San Francisco Treat

Ok so we are all packed and ready to go. All we need to do is throw in our last minute things (ok my straightener and E's Razor) and we are good to go! I finally found the camera charger so I have that getting all reved up. Suitcases are in the car. Snacks are in a box just need to throw them in the car when we get home tmrw. I even have drinks in the fridge and freezer to throw in the cooler when needed. I am counting down the hours till I get out of work and on to a nice relaxing get away. I need it.

I have planned a Giants game, Alcatraz, bike riding over the Golden gate bridge, going to the Exploritoriam musuem, of course hitting Lombard street, Chinatown, the Pier and Wharf area along with riding a cable car.

Im really looking forward to having a bowl of clam chowda in a sourdough bread bowl and looking at the bridge in amazement LOL. We are staying at the RITZY Holiday Inn LMAO but its right on the bay so we could walk to places if we wanted.

I actually packed gym clothes also as I will be getting up to do at least 30mins on the tread at the hotel. It will be my ticket to eat what I want.. hey its vacation!

Now to go relaxe and hit the rack early as I need to get to work early and finish up some last minute stuff then head out at noon! Going to stop at Old Navy to pick up new 4th of July tshirts for us (we like to be cheesy like that LOL)

Now to plan our route, and email my work some stuff that I need to print out since our printer here is crappy.

Cant wait to take lots of pics and leave my ♥ in Frisco!

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