Sunday, December 2, 2012

Inappropriate Elf off the Shelf

I caught Elfis in a creative moment, he must have taken a college level art class. Look out Picaso!

****NEWS FLASH*** Elfis now has his own blog, check it out! Viva Las Elfis

Then I  stumbled upon this blog via pintrest Baby Rabies and they are hosting the 2nd Annual #inappropriateElf contest... well you know that is right up my alley! So I had to enter! 1) cuz you know how competitive I am, 2) she is offering some great prizes, 3) how cool would it be for Elfis to tell his friend he won a contest... HELLO thats the best part of it all! (dont judge me)

Check out her blog its GREAT! She is one funny biotch.. (kind of reminds me of someone I know...? LOL) and there are also other inappropriate Elves doing some risque things.. I LOVE THEM!

Check back in on Dec 7th when the contest start and you can vote once a day for Elfis! Follow all the fun ala hashtag #inappropriateElf via Twitter & Instagram too.

Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

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