Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need to get back into the Swing of things

Been back from vacation almost 3weeks now and still dont have the gusto for anything, been half assing it at the gym. House is somewhat a wreck... laundry is done but not put away so if ya need something you have to go down there to get it. I have not started my trip report for it. I havent even really taken the time to go through my 3000 (yes THOUSAND) pics I took. I know their uploaded and someday I hope to put them in an album or something but for now.. their on the pc. Along with lst yrs vaca and the one before that.

Maybe next week Ill get the gumph to do something LOL. Until then tmrw were going to the Hemet pool to catch the "Dive-In" movie of cars. With this 100° heat we have been having im looking forward to it. Plus I need to cool off from the frustrations of work.

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