Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Journal Jar Time

Todays Question: Do you remember your family getting a new piece of furniture, a new car or something similar when you were a child?

1st thing I thought of is when my dad got his cadillac. (ya it was so pimp, white stretch cadi with red velvet interior.. told ya straigh P-I-M-P) I was bowling at the time maybe 8 or 9? (we lived in GA at the time in the back woods nothing to do and to play outside in that heat and humitity was a no go LOL. So out mom and I came from the bowling alley and see my dad, he tells us he got a new car and were like WHAT? We walk over to it and my mom is starting to talk loudly in spanish to him LOL im sure it was all loving words LMAO ya right!

We get in and he shows us some of the wowable points. Electric everything, this was back in the 80's so most things were still hand crank windows, locks etc. Then the thing that stands out most to me is the radio. It had the scan button, and my dad said watch this, it comes with magic powers... and when he waved his hand in front of the radio ever so many seconds the radio changed, I was mistafied LOL Thought that was the coolest shit around. So you know I had kids and they were old enough I tried the magic powers they too thought it was cool. Thanks for teaching me the trick dad!

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